• The institute is performing very activities apart from the study.
  • Morning prayer is being held every day in the Class rooms
  • Safai abhiyan is also orgainized fortnightly in a month.
  • Various activities are being organized under the Saptadhara.
  • The interim quiz is compulsory for all the students of the institute.
  • The institute is very keen for presentation and assignment work of the students.
  • The Moot court is also conducted specially for the T.Y.LL.B students of the Institute.
  • The Udisha club is operated within the Institute to assist the students for placement in Industry.
  • Conducting orientation programme for all faculty, students and non teaching staff. Swami Jitatmanandji of Shri Ramkrishana of Kalkatta was invited to deliver the lecturer.
  • Frequently, legal literacy camps are being organized in the Institute. Judges of the Bhuj & Gandhiham court, eminent lawyers of the bar are invited to deliver lecture on various subjects.

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