The prospective student shall fulfil the following criteria to admission.

The students must have minimum 45% at Graduate degree in the pattern of 10+2+3. The students of SC & ST category may have relaxation of 5 %. They shall have minimum of 40% at graduate degree.

As per the Bar Council of India Rules, 2008, the Maximum age for admission in to three LL.B programme shall be 30 years. However, the students of SC and ST may have relaxation of 5 years for admission.

No students can go for any other graduate, post graduate or certificate course run by the same or any other universities or any institutes simultaneously with LL.B programme. They can opt for short period part time certificate course on language or computer science.

Admission shall be purely on merit Basis.

The applicant who have obtained graduation or post graduation degree through open universities system directly without having any basic qualifications for prosecuting such studies are not eligible for admission in law course. The applicant who hold bachelor degree though the distance or external mode are not eligible for admission to LL.B programme.

The students can get admission in the beginning of First Semester of LL.B Programme.

Admission shall be based upon the norms of the Bar Council of India which may from time to time revised or new norms framed.

The applicant who is willing to get admission in S Y LL.B or T Y LL.B from other than Kachchh University will have to produce Provisional Eligibility Certificate from the Kachchh University at time of admission. Such applicant shall have to deposit the migration certificate to Kachchh University from previous university.

Fee for LL.B Programme

The institute is purely self finance institute and follows all the norms of KSKV Kachchh University. At present, Fees (Subject to Change from time to time) for LL.B Programme are as under:

F.Y.LL.B (Semester I)
Tuition Fees Rs. 3000.00
Library Deposits & Caution Money Rs. 600.00
Other Fees Rs. 870.00
Total fees Rs. 4470.00
F.Y.LL.B (Semester II)
Tuition Fees Rs. 3000.00
S.Y.LL.B (Semester III)
Tuition fees and others fees Rs. 3870.00
S.Y.LL.B (Semester IV)
Tuition Fees Rs. 3000.00
T.Y.LL.B (Semester V)
Tuition fees and others fees Rs. 3870.00
T.Y.LL.B (Semester VI)
Tuition Fees Rs. 3000.00

Refund of Fees

  • In case of death of student within one month from the date of payment of fees, the full term fee will be refunded.
  • If any student demands the refund of the fee within 15 days from the payment of the fee due to transfer of parent, admission to any other professional course, marriage of female students, the fee will be refunded by deducting Rs. 500.00 to the student.
  • The tuition fee shall not be refunded any other circumstances.
  • The Library Deposit & Caution money will be refunded only, if the application along with original receipt of fee is to be made to the Institute within six months of his or her on leaving the Institute.

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