Alumni Association

The Institute has formed Alumini Association and holding frequently meeting with its members. The former students of the Institute met in Month of July 2012 and elected Mr. Naresh Mangwani as the president of Association. The other members are placed and started working. The meeting of Alumini was held in the institute premises to discuss various academic issues. Besides this, the AIBE issue is discussed at length for future aspirants.

The membership fee will be deposited and used for achieving the objects of the Association.


  • To carry on Mission and Vision of the Institute
  • To create a Alumni database.
  • To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.
  • To create and promote and maintain links between Institute and Association.
  • To promote the development and growth of Institute.
  • To organize seminar and workshops in legal field with Alumni Association.
  • To encourage the members of association to take active interest in the Activities and Functioning of Institute.
  • To organize annual meeting to promote the legal education in district through Institute.

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