Code of Conducts

The Institute is very keen about Code of Conduct. It is mandatory to follow all the rules framed by the authority.

  • Discipline and dignity are strictly followed by all the students. Any vulgar or unexpected behaviour within the campus shall be penalized up to cancellation of admission.
  • The property of the Institute shall not be tempered or damaged by any students and any mishandling with the furniture and fixture & causing loss to Institute building or campus of the institute shall amount to penalty up to cancellation of admission.
  • The Students will sit in the Classrooms during the teaching sessions and in free time, they shall sit in the library with pin drop silent.
  • The students can access the library during the office hours. Besides this, they will take adequate care of books while reading. Any damages to the books will be recovered from the concern students with penalty.
  • Keep the newspaper, magazines or books in the library at its proper place after reading.
  • Access the notice board daily. Important notices shall be put on notice board.
  • Use of Mobile phones or any communicative gadgets are strictly prohibited within the premises.
  • Students must possess identity card issued by authority while entering into campus.
  • Switch off the electric equipments in Classrooms, Library and Common room while leaving.
  • The Institute does not permit raging of any new comers as per the guideline issued by Supreme Court of India.
  • Students are required to maintain good behaviour with the teaching as well as non teaching staff. Any dispute in this regard shall be resolved by Director.
  • Students abide themselves to follow all the rules of University during the Examination and stay away from any tactics which debar them from examination.
  • During the examination period, they will maintain the good behaviour with the Class Supervisor, Observer and Senior Supervisor.

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