The institute is growing very rapidly and getting very good result as a fruit of its efforts. The output is a test for determining the efforts put by person for particular task. The output is a result of the institute is very good since its inception. The institute has started its functioning in the year 2007. The overall ratio of passing in the examination is very good. The first batch of this institute is passed out in the year 2010 and only one student failed to clear that university examination. The first position Shweta Ramnani and second position Rekha Lalvani are held by this institute in the final examination of 2010.

The overall result for T.Y.LL.B is 98.50% for the year 2010-2011.

The second batch of this institute has achieved landmark result and secured all the top ten post in the final examination conducted by Kachchh University in the year 2011. The First rank was secured by Manju paryani who also got first class in the TY LL.B examination.

Besides this, batch of S Y LL.B & F.Y. LL.B are also performing very well in the university examination and get rank among top ten post declared by the University.

In the examination April 2011, Seven places are secured by the F. Y. LL.B and Six places are secured by S.Y.LL.B.

The numbers of the students from two above batches appeared in the Bar Council of India Examination for being advocate have been cleared in first attempt. They have been awarded the SANAD and certificate of passing All India Bar Examination of BCI, New Delhi.

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