Syllabus of SY LL.B

The syllabus has been formed by legal education committee of Bar Council of India. There are compulsory subjects and optional subjects enumerated by legal education committee. It is mandatory for all the universities in India to teach the compulsory subject within three years of bachelor programme and can make adjustment for optional subjects. The Bar Council of India is controlling all the matters relating to legal education.

S.Y.LL.B (Monsoon Semester)

Sr.No. Monsoon Semester (University Examination) Marks
1. Public International Law 100 marks
2. Family Law-Paper I 100 marks
3. Administrative Law 100 marks
4. Labour Laws 100 marks
5. Taxation Law 100 marks

S.Y.LL.B (Winter Semester)

Sr.No. Winter Semester (University Examination) Marks
1. Jurisprudence 100 marks
2. Family Law- Paper II 100 marks
3. Human Right Act 100 marks
4. Interpretation of Statutes 100 marks

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